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presenter’s Performance Tool

This job aid is introduced in the ACT section of the workshop, and is available here as well.

Presenter’s Performance Tool (version 1.2)


ONLINE Coffee Breaks

I’m going to try something. See if you like it. I’m going to arrange some times where we can all get together.

I’ll deliver a micro-presentation (less than 10 minutes) and then open it up for questions, discussion, whatever.

All enrolled participants are welcome to join

Here’s the next couple:

Thursday October 31, 10AM New York Time, 30 Minutes!
TOPIC: Using Transparency in PowerPoint
AGENDA: I will show you how to create or modify objects and photos to make them transparent! Then your questions.
OPTIONAL DRESS CODE: Wear a Halloween Costume!

Wednesday November 13, 3:30PM New York Time,
30 Minutes!

TOPIC: Chair and Table Room Setup for Presentations
AGENDA: We will talk through how room setup affects audience engagement and learning! Then your questions.

What Other Topics Would You Like?

What other topics would you like us to discuss at these Online Coffee Breaks, in any?